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EBIKEBI(FEMI ADEBAYO)-Yoruba Movies 2017

Starring:Opeyemi Ayeola After the untimely death of her husband, a once loving and happy big family suddenly goes awry. An interesting and educative movie with a lesson for everyone!

OSUOLALE(FEMI ADEBAYO)- 2017 Nigerian Movies|Yoruba Movies 2016 New ReleaseAfrican

Starring:Femi Adebayo A polygamous man married three wives, the last wife finally gets pregnant after a long time and gives birth to twins, this was the joy of all the other wives until one of the wives tells her mother of the happy news and she gets upset and envious and attacks the family including […]

ILE WURA 1 Latest Nollywood Yoruba Movie 2017 Starring Femi Adebayo, Yomi Gold

Ile wura is about a spoilt brat who believes she is on top of the world, but love changed her way of thinking. Cast: Femi Adebayo. Tayo Adeniyi. Yomi Gold This is yet another free movie for your viewing pleasure. Keep watching OkinTv, your number ONE source for Yoruba Nollywood movies

Oko MI (Femi Adebayo) – Yoruba Movies 2016 New Release This Week

Oko MI (Femi Adebayo) : Please freely subscribe for the hottest, latest and most exciting free African Nigerian Yoruba Nollywood, Nigerian movies.

OMO EKO(FEMI ADEBAYO)-Yoruba nollywood movies 2017 new | Latest Yoruba Nollywood Movie 2017 Comedy

Starring: Femi Adebayo, Remi oshodi This 2017 Yoruba Movies is a must watch for all lovers of New Yoruba Movies. After being brought to Lagos from the village, Tawa decides to mingle with those who were never after her best interest. Starring: Femi Adebayo, Bisola Badmus, Remi Oshodi.

Oba Mungun(Femi Adebayo)-Yoruba Movies 2016 New Release this Week Starring; Femi Adebayo

Starring;Femi Adebayo, Afonja Olaniyi, Baba Tee and many other favourites. Laughter Unlimited…….. This is very interesting Comedy movie. Laugh away your sorrow .You cant Afford to miss this comedy movie.

Kilobinrinse – Latest Yoruba Movie 2017 Romance | Femi Adebayo | Jaiye Kuti

Kilobinrinse asks the question why are men quick to condemn women under the slightest suspicion without proper investigation. Same goes for Adebayo who leaves his wife unconditionally because she is too close to her childhood and best friend, Aremu. Adebayo remains dogmatic about his decision until it gets too late.

PASTOR(FEMI ADEBAYO)-2017 Nigerian movies |Yoruba Nollywood Movies 2017 new release|2017

Starring:Femi Adebayo Ifayemi grew up knowing his father as a native doctor and he also learnt some of the incantations unit his childhood friend took him to the city where he become born again but his father his never in support of him. What happened to him after he gives his life to Christ….

AYINLA THE TAILOR – `Latest Yoruba Movie Starring Femi Adebayo|Victoria Kolawole|Obesere

Femi Adebayor starts as Ayinla in this educative movie, he falls in love with a young lady but the girl’s father will not accept their relationship because he wants his daughter to marry a wealthy man….will live and destiny prevail? watch and enjoy

AWOFELE(FEMI ADEBAYO)- Nigerian Movies 2017|Yoruba Movies 2016 New Release |2017 Movies|Africa

Starring:Femi Adebayo Kunle shows no interest in the wedding arrangement between him and Doyin his fiancee when he arrived back from abroad. Kunle,s parents has kept Doyin in the dark for long.