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Olaniyi Afonja Movies

Olaniyi Afonja aka “Sanyeri” as he is popularly called is refered to as Comedy Specialist in the Nollywood industry. He is remarkable in what he does so this should not spring up as a surprise in the minds of people who truly know him in the Yoruba movie scenes.

Olaniyi Afonja Movies | Filography:

He is credited to have brought a fresh air to how comedy is served with his ‘Muniru ati Ambali’ movie. He started acting in 1992 with a Theatre group with which he performed at different towns which further endeared him to the profession, so when his parents objected to the choice, he was head strong. He relocated to Lagos in 1996 and joined the Ajala Jalingo theatre group. Since his foray into the industry, he has continued both as an actor and producer with movies including ‘Ipanle’, ‘Oko Jogoo’ and the 2011 comedy, ‘Opa kan.’ Olaniyi Afonja rose to great fame when he was featured in the film Sanyeri.

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