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EBUN OLUWA Latest Yoruba Movie 2018

This movie is about a woman with a chronic case of stealing better known as kleptomania,this expresses her life and if she will get a cure This interesting movie is produced by Olaitan Sugar starring Shaffy Bello, Olaitan Ogunbile, Antar Laniyan, Wale Korede Okunu, Bimbola Thomas, Bukola, Fagbuyi, Regina Chuckwu, Muka Ray Eyiwumi, Seyi Edun and […]


This movie is a comedy, it appeals to the humorous audience Jaye Kuti is known for her trademark funny movies starring sanyeri,odunlade adekola and many more Stay connected to yorubamovies.com.ng ,the home of the latest Nollywood 2018 movies

Ayo Nbo Lowuro – New Release This Week

Joy is an essential part of human living but if this is tampered with people tend to react differently some violently and some gently but let’s see how this movies react Stay connected to Yorubamovies.com.ng,the home of the latest Nollywood 2018 movies

OMO MI IYAWO MI – Latest Yoruba Movies 2018

The love of a mother and the love of a wife is explained in this movie, the movie encapsulates which love is stronger watch and see which love stands out Stay connected to yorubamovies.com.ng,the home of the latest Nollywood 2018 movies

AJEJI – latest yoruba movies 2018

This is a movie that captivates everyone who appreciates Nigerian movie with solid storylines ,it captures the story of true love turned sour Stay connected to yorubamovies.com.ng,the home of the latest 2018 Nollywood movies  

Fijabi Alawaye – 2018 new yoruba movies

This movie a thriller with a lot of action it also has elements of romance which makes the movie a very captivating movie,it promises to be a movie worth while Starring Ebun olojede, Odunlade adekola and many more. Stay connected to yorubamovies.com.ng the home of the latest Yoruba movies in the nation

ABOUT TO BE MARRIED latest 2018 yoruba movies

This story revolves around couple life and the evil seed of distrust even though there is nothing to distrust but once distrust is sown chaos is mostly inevitable Stay connected to yorubamovies.com.ng.the home of the latest Yoruba movies in the nation

Alaigboran | latest 2018 Yoruba movies

A man through his stubborness and ignorance ignores a call of his from his folks to Avert an imminent danger bit Des not heed this call which eventually coat him dearly Starring: Odunlade Adekola, Ronke Odusanya, Lanre Hassan, Eniola Ajao, Bolaji Amusan


This movie is an action packed movie which moves straight to actions that we as human do not think matter but watching this movie will let you in these matters Starring :femi Adebayo, ayo odusanya Odunlade adekola  and many more Stay connected to yoruba.com.ng,the home of the latest Yoruba movies in the nation

Issagoal |- Latest Yoruba Movies 2018

Issagoal – is a Yoruba Comedy Movie for your viewing pleasure.this movie leans towards humor  Starring: Bolaji Amusan.Deola Shoremi.AJIREBI(Kayode Olasehinde), OLAIYA IGWE(Ebun Oloyede), Kunle Makinde and many others.